Shades of Pink

Today I am going to tackle this new obsession I have with the color “pink”. For those of you that know me well, you probably just about passed out reading the former sentence. I know, I know, give me a chance to explain.

Some back story, pink was never my friend, or even acquaintance for that matter, while I was growing up. I simply couldn’t tolerate to even look at the color pink, OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I did not care for the color. I didn’t own a single pink item, not a hair bow, not a purse, not a top, not a pair of socks, I could go on, but I think you get the point. This distaste for pink made it’s way into my adulthood, especially after I found out I was having a baby girl. I would say things like, “she is going to wear army green cargo pants, black t shirts and baby hightop converse, no pink onesies for her”. Well, in this decade of life, I guess I am sort of eating my own words and “we” , I mean it’s me I’m talking to, should never say never, Amiright?!

I made a quick mood board to get myself all inspired. 

I mean, Living Coral is the Pantone color of the year and millennial pink has been everywhere for several years, I think it was time I re-examined my irrational thoughts towards my sworn enemy in pink. It took some time and many, many, many hours on Pinterest, but I think my bias is gone, or at least I am hopeful, we can’t be perfect all the time?!

After getting over this fear of all things pink, I decided to start dabbling in the color spectrum in my own home. I picked up a blush tone lumbar pillow from Target, brought it home and was like.. “hmm… I think I like it”. And then it started happening all over the place. It was a pink take over! Was it a hostile takeover? No, it was more of a peaceful, white flag waving kind of approach that was gentle and kind to me. Check out the blush tone pillows I sprinkled in to our Airbnb.


Now for me, the pink tones I am drawn to are more of a blush to brown type of color scheme. It feels way more earthy and grounded than a bright or pastel pink. I was able to bring some of these tones in to create a 70’s vibe in the living room. The pillows complimented my brown cord sofa, mustard yellows and the funky vintage ottoman. It was a match made in boho heaven.

After this sense of clarity struck me that I no longer have a hate relationship with pink, I found myself shopping and swooning over all things on the pink spectrum. Check out some goodies for the home that I am currently swooning for. 

Left to Right: Dusty Pink Linen Bedding | Lazro Printed Rug | Burnt Coral Ceramic Vase | Pink and Walnut Mid Century Sofa

OK, this next dose of product is ALL from H&M. They are blowing my mind with all of their home goods this spring season! I will take one of everything please! And they have a way of making it look effortless, calm and expensive, well played H&M. 

Left to Right: Bath and Hand Towels | Blush Serving Tray | Dusty Rose Terry Bathrobe | Kids Duvet Set

This next group of cute pink (yes, I used those two words together in a sentence) items focuses on the office. Any dose of pink is sure to spark some creativity and productivity, in my new reality. 

Left to Right: Lenox Blush and Brass Office Chair | Hard Linen 18 Month Planner | Beam Pink Table Lamp | Blush Pink Water Color Art
OK, last, but definitely not least, you can add a pop of pink to your home with a statement appliance. Say what?! Yup, dropping knowledge on you here. Check some of my favorites out.


Left to Right: Kitchen Aid Mixer | Blush Electric Air Fryer | Petal Pink Toaster | Mini Refrigerator

I think I am finally over my fear of pink and embracing it. I mean look at some of these amazing pink infused items for the home?! I even find myself looking for blush tone clothes! Are you guys blushing for pink (see what I did there;)? Tis the season of pink hues my sweet friends! 

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